Android cpu spy no deep sleep

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Android cpuspy deep sleep

After downloading episodes, the phone does NOT enter in deep sleep mode. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Last seen: 7 years 3 months ago. Last seen: 1 month 5 days ago.

Tell me how to solve the problem already, goddamn!

Are you using presto? I'm using a Galaxy. I'm using a Galaxy Nexus on Android 4. There might be something else. Also, if you're device is. It will look something like this: mLocks. Thanks again.

CPU Spy Reloaded helps identify overheating and battery drain, all in pretty Material Design

No problem, and thanks for. No problem, and thanks for posting. TechGig lists DoggCatcher as one of the best Android app of Create new account Request new password.

My phone already runs great but I still want better like everyone else in the planet. If you have a device that opens Browser in 2. UPSM is really a hard mode to underclock device but you wont use it all the time and thats why I consider manual tweaking better cause its set at the same time its booted. So, inbetween points instead of This or This? That makes sense..

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When I had Android I changed CPU frequency and voltage to save some battery, because I don't use my phone for anything else than communicating, checking mail and web, so I didn't need CPU to run like I was playing some intense 3D game, but that was 3 years ago and now everything is optimized much better so I think that playing with all these things is pointless, it's more for fun I guess.

I expect the manufacturer to respond to these needs like Samsung did with Ultra Power Savings mode and now Apple with their version on iOS9 which also allows for cpu throttling on demand to extend battery Bit new to this but how do i determine which apps are causing the most battery drain, i have installed this app but cant see anywhere where it names apps? My thoughts exactly.

Como saber si tu Android gasta batería con SPY CPU. Control de velocidad y deep sleep.

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CPU Deep Sleep & Battery Life

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