Read text messages on 3 mifi

What types of phones do you have? Do you accept trade-ins?

Huawei E support - Sending a text. - Three

The Device section of our website is kept up-to-date with a list of phones we usually keep in stock. If we are currently running a sale, the promotional prices will be reflected. NOTE: Phones bought from us already come with phone numbers pre-installed.

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No additional payment is required. After a number has been deactivated it is usually recycled in our system and could potentially be redistributed. However, if the number is still available, there will be no charge to reregister it in your name and reprogram it to your phone. Additionally, if the phone was bought from Smart, we can ask our customer service representatives countrywide to be on the lookout for it should it ever turn up in one of our showrooms.

However, we are still in the early stages of development and coverage is currently limited to all major highways and towns with expanded coverage in Belize City, San Pedro, San Ignacio, and Santa Elena.

Read text messages on 3 mifi

Ask our representatives for coverage details. All other types of devices will need to be taken to an electronics store that provides unlocking services. If the phone has a factory defect, we can have it replaced or repaired in accordance with the terms listed below:. SMART by way of its authorized Service Centers, makes a commitment to repair or exchange at its sole discretion and without any liability, the eligible devices. How can I stop this from happening? Do you offer bundled services? Yes, we do!

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When setting up Broadband Unlimited Internet, do you run a wire from the lamp post to our home? What type of equipment is involved? Do I have to pay a rental fee for the modem? To provide your home with Broadband Unlimited Internet, we attach an antennae to the roof of your house and point it in the direction of one of our Smart towers. We run a LAN line from the antennae to our modem that is placed somewhere inside your home. The antennae pulls the internet signal from the tower, feeds it to the modem, and you connect to the internet using WiFi provided by the modem.

All the equipment is provided free of charge.

Re: Read my MiFi's text messages...

Whether it will cover your whole house depends on how big your home is and if there are any obstacles in the way that may block or bounce the WiFi signal. Click Save and then Reboot. Payment for these packages are deducted from your primary credit first then from your promo, so we usually suggest that customers purchase these packages when they are out of primary credit.

To check your data balance send a text to ZOOM , in the body of the message type before the phone, dongle or MiFi number Example: A customer service representative will sign your number up for access to the My Account portal located in the menu of this website. This will allow you to add data to their account.

SOS Services.

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  8. Skip to content. What are the phone numbers for the Call Center or the nearest Smart showroom? Smart customers can contact our Call Center for free by dialing , , , or Opening Hours are from am — pm, every day including holidays. All our showrooms are open on Saturdays from am — pm. For all employment inquiries, kindly contact our Human Resources department.

    Regrettably, Smart does not offer the option to purchase a phone on payment plan. Yes, you can have more than one number registered in your name. Customers with Smart phone numbers registered in their name will not be charged anything to change it or transfer it to a new phone. Our system automatically deactivates Prepaid phone numbers after three months of inactivity.

    A number is considered inactive if no calls are made. Your phone will need to be brought in unlocked.

    Yes, it will work on our network if it connects to the UMTS band-5 frequency. We can only unlock iPhone versions 4 and up. For more information, check out the CarFi quick start guide.

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    To find out how to access text messages on your Android tablet, check out our device guides. For more information, contact your device manufacturer. Our Mobile Broadband plans have data inclusions only, so any calls that you make from your SIM will be charged on top of your minimum monthly spend. You can find rates and charges through My Vodafone. We recommend deleting any text messages you no longer need.

    If your Pocket WiFi has received a text message the message indicator on the front of the device will display a green light, or an envelope icon will appear on the screen. Use our store locator to find your nearest store. Login Mobile number Password. Can anyone help please?

    What is mobile wi-fi?

    Message 1 of 7 3, Views. You should not have to install connection manager for the pocket hotspot only for a usb dongle. Henstridge Rural South Somerset Full 4g 3G 2g indoor coverage Remember we are all customers here not customer services.

    Message 2 of 7 3, Views. Message 4 of 7 3, Views. Message 5 of 7 3, Views. The link does not work. I am using windows 8 and it does not install a connection manager.